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100 AMP and 200 AMP Service Upgrade

  • A Service Upgrade is when you replace your Main Breaker Panel / Fuse Box and all related components.
  • A Service Upgrade includes:
    • a new Circuit Breaker box
    • all new circuit breakers
    • label what each breaker works
    • a new main cable on exterior of house
    • new meter socket (yes, you own the meter socket, the utility company owns the meter which unplugs from the socket)
    • 2 - 8' ground rods wired into main panel (required by code)
    • new water pipe ground from water main to panel (required by code)
    • bond hot and cold pipes at water heater

Service Upgrades come in 2 sizes, 100 AMP and 200 AMP. There is a third size, 150 AMP, which is obsolete. Either you have a home that is on the smaller side and only requires a 100 AMP, or, for most homes nowadays, 200 Amp is the new standard. At POPS ELECTRIC, we can complete the entire job in just 1 day!

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